To Love or not to Love: A Resolute View.

In Sanskrit, there is a highly significant word called 'Kama,' which means both 'Love' and 'Desire.' Before there was 'Karma' or 'Action,' (before the Big Bang or Biodiversity) there was 'Kama,' or the 'Desire to Love and Be Loved in Return.' What it means is that the purpose of Biodiversity, why there is Life, is companionship, otherwise known as love. In this understanding, which mirrors the teachings of Jesus, there's nothing wrong with the desire to love and be loved in return; it—companionship/love—is ultimately the one and only meaning of Life and the reason why we are here. So, the resolute view is not to negate desire/love but to surrender to it and to love wholeheartedly ideally with a partner who shares the same understanding.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist