Everything Flows and the Reason is Love.

If all is One then why is there Biodiversity in the World aka the Word? Biodiversity is a synonym for Self differentiation meaning that all Diversity or Biological variegation is in reality Self. Hence a brief description of Evolutionary (evolution = love in action) Biology (the Word/Logos is Self/Life) i.e. Creationism (A or One, Bio or Self and Genesis or Source/ Trigger/Origin). Now. Diversity is the result of motion. The purpose of motion is not to be alone. To elaborate. Diversity is the result of Self motioning itself so not to be by itself. So to return to the - what is the reason of Biodiversity or what is the reason why Self is in motion? - question: One’s very own reason, the purpose of Life, why ‘We the One’ is Diverse, why ‘We the One’ Lives, why everything is flux in the sense that everything is always flowing in some respects* is two-fold: (I) it is not good to be alone (II) it is good to be able to experience companionship concurrently called love. In the simplest of possible words. The purpose of Self, the reason of Biodiversity, the meaning of Life, is companionship also known as love; love so love. I would like to point out that the above right knowledge did not arise out of my own personal invention but that it is an absolute all-encompassing truth of all times available to any serious student of the sciences be it anthropology, archeology, the arts, biology, chemistry, geology, history, cosmology, economics, etymology (linguistics and languages), geography, logic, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, sociology, religion, et al; A (IXTheory of everything. (* Heraclitus, ῥεῖ τὰ πάντα καὶ οὐδὲν μένει, Diogenes Laertius. Lives and Opinions of Philosophers, Book IX, Sec 18, Frag 91.)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist