A Renaissance of Knowledge in Cosmology.

In contemporary science, there exists a perspective that states that the combination of all matter and gravity results in a net sum of zero. Therefore, it is argued that the universe originated from a state of nothingness, as it is essentially composed of nothing. My goodness that sure is much ado about nothing. Allow me to set the record straight. The origin of the word zero is self, i.e. zero means self. What it means is this. Matter and gravity equates to self and the reason why self is diverse is love. It's called immaculate conception for something. So to say that the universe could have come from nothing because it is fundamentally nothing is not only a great injustice to self but also to the underlying purpose of self which is love. Synopsis. The universe is not a random or purposeless creation, but a manifestation of the blissful nature of the self. Therefore, to reduce the universe to nothingness is not only inaccurate but also disrespectful to the purpose of self.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist