What Causes Cells to Divide? Cell Division Demystified.

What triggers the split? The cause of cell division or what causes cells to divide remains one of the most fundamental, unsolved problems in biology. Allow me to state that truth is simple. This may come as a shock to my colleagues in physics and molecular biology. So best to sit down with a glass of vino but not too long for a sedentary life is unhealthy as we all know. Lest not get distracted however and stick with the cause of cell division. Truth is that 'there is no such thing as cell division'. 'There is only one cell which veils itself so not to be itself.' In fact; I would like to argue that 'there is only one self which veils itself so not to be by itself. Without veiling oneself self could not experience companionship itself and companionship is what self is all about. It is not good for one to be alone. One's very own purpose it is companionship more commonly known as love.' The above ties in nicely with the theory of evolution (which means love in action) and the theory of relativity (time is the result of one not wanting to be alone) to name just a few. Simplified? We are not as divided as it appears. The meaning of life is love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist and Molecular Biologist in Training