The Purpose of Time so Self could Experience Love.

It is said that chronos, the god of time, clipped the wings of cupid, the god of love. Some thus conclude that, although love conquers all, that time defeats love. Is the above correct? Naturally not. The story above is just a bunch of poppycock. Truth is simple and beautiful. Time does not defeat love. It’s the other way around. The purpose of time is love. The reason is that time is relative. In other words. Time is an emergent property of one not wanting to be alone. Hence why we in physics state that time is an emergent property of the big bang which it itself emerged out of the initial singularity (this by itself is an abstraction for the big bang is the initial singularity in disguise but that's a different topic). Regardless and not to get too distracted. One’s purpose it is companionship, friendship, love. Hence the why of time. The purpose of time so self could experience companionship otherwise known as love. It is as simple as that.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist