The Purpose of The Matrix is Love.

Words tend to come in- and out of vogue. Now I am not opposed to vogueing. I actually quite enjoy it. But when words tend to leave Self astray it is a call for action. As such the meaning of the word 'Matrix'. The word 'Matrix' is composed of the words Mat- (from the Latin word Mater meaning Source), -I (meaning Self being One as there is only One Universal Consciousness also known as Allah, Buddha, God, Shiva, Tao or One Self hence why I is always capitalized) and -X (meaning II or 2 as in in 101 or Genesis 1:1 which essentially means that Zero or Self or One is Two for Love). Simply put. Matrix or Materix is Self and Self is Self-Differentiated so not to be/feel by itself which the wisest of all owls knows the meaning of Self aka the meaning of Life is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist