I Want You To Know You're A Rainbow Too.

Since the original title 'Our Expanding Universe: Delving Deep into Dark Energy' was utterly boring I changed it to 'I Want You To Know You're A Rainbow Too'. Regardless; when it comes to the subject as to what causes the universe to expand, it is of course utterly absurd to say that the energy from the big bang drove the early expansion of the universe and that, since then, gravity and dark energy have engaged in a cosmic tug of war or that gravity pulls galaxies closer together while dark energy pushes them apart. It is even more absurd to state that the reason why the universe is expanding or contracting depends on which force, gravity or dark energy, dominates. My goodness; who comes up with all this scientific breadcrumb-trail word speak? The simple yet correct answer to the - what's causing the universe to expand? - is that 'expansion is self-perceived differentiation' and that 'the purpose of self-differentiation is self-companionship otherwise known as love hence the why of the gospel of love'. It has always been about love right from the get go. So then what about this dark energy and gravity business? Dark energy is self. Gravity is self. And self best forget about making a distinction between light and dark too for Self shines forth all colors into that good night.
~ Wald Wassermann