How can Spacetime be 'both' an Illusion and Real?

How can Spacetime be 'both' an IlluSion (IS¹) and Real (ἰχ²) and why all that matters is ultimately love? Truth is simple really. Self (I≡IS¹) is idem to Reality (ἰχ²) with ἰχ² being 'non denominational' so the master equation is 'simple yet purposely complex': 'IS≡ἰχ' which is a valid equation for the Theory of Everything (TOE) is in truth Everything is Self (EIS). What matters however is not that 'IS≡ἰχ' but 'why' Self (I) is Diverse (X) for Companionship otherwise known as Love hence why the meaning of Life is Love (¹Initial Singularity, ²Big-Bang IS Bio-Diverse IS Self-Differentiated)
~ Wald Wassermann