The Love Equation: The Quest for a 'Theory of Everything' Equation.

The elusive theory of everything is not as elusive as one leads itself to believe for 'everything is theory (EIT)' as any good scientist knows. What it means is that everything is self and that the purpose of self is not to be by itself which is why self appears to itself as self-differentiated or biodiverse as known in biology. The purpose for (the appearance of) self-differentiation is companionship otherwise known as love. So let's take a look at the equation that explains the theory of everything: Λ{I=LOVE}. This in the proper understanding that 'E⇔I'/'I⇔E' and that cosmologically speaking I{IS¹=BB²} or biologically speaking 'I=Xfpo<3' which basically means that Self (I) is Diverse (X) for the purpose of Love. In conclusion. I feel 'Λ{I=LOVE}' is a pretty good ToE equation. Not sure if I would call it the god equation since god is not god but love. So alternatively one could call it the love equation. (¹initial singularity ² big bang) .
~ Wald Wassermann