Self is One; Division there is None.

The answer to the question - if the purpose of God is Love and kindness, then why did he create an imperfect world with so much pain and violence? - is Forgetfulness. You see. There is only God. God is One, division there is None. The way for suffering to end is seeing through the illusion of division. Division does not exist. There is only diversity. Diversity serves the purpose of Companionship. That which desires Companionship is truly Self. Yes. God. The way for suffering to end is Self remembering it is One and that diversity exists NOT to cause pain and violence, no, diversity exists so Self would not be by itself. Yes I am, as a scientist and biologist, guaranteeing that diversity exists for Companionship otherwise known as Love. At any time, Self is always One, i.e., Oneself always is. In other words. There is only God and God is always undivided. Division is an ego-construct born out of the individual seeing itself as separate from its true undivided Self; God. God is One without a second. Oneself Itself Is. It is this what existence is. It is this what reality is. All this for Love. Love is the only purpose. Humankind can use these three Self-evident truths. The first noble truth is 'Self is always One', 'Oneself always is', 'At any time, there is only Oneself'. The second noble truth is that 'Self is undivided; division does not exist'. The third noble truth is 'Self is diverse not to be by itself', 'Self is diverse for Companionship', 'Self is diverse for Love'. Synopsis. Three Truths of Tāt/Tat (तत्): 1) Self is always One; Oneself Always Is. 2) Self is Undivided; Division does not exist 3) Self perceives itSelf as diverse not to be by itSelf; Self is Diverse for Companionship, Self is Diverse for Love. At any time*; there is only Oneself. (* Space-Time exists for Companionship; that which desires Companionship is Self).
~ Wald