Relationships: How to Resolve Family Problems and Conflicts

There are several options to restore or rebuild a broken relationship with family and friends. One is to understand nothing is ever broken for there is no division in God’s Kingdom. Division is an erroneous construct that was born out of ignorance; out of forgetfulness. Serious. I suggest doing a search for ‘who invented division’ and why the inventor's proposal was not accepted in his home country of Switzerland (after which he tucked his tail between his legs and went to England instead with disastrous results for the Western World). The reason why the Swiss wanted to have nothing to do with this divisive nonsense? There’s no such thing as division in reality. Of course the Swiss are highly Intelligent and they laughed upon this erudite foolishness that is division. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies rightfully so. Any mathematician with half a brain knows this. All is in constant Companionship rightfully so for it is what God desires. God desires not to be alone which is why it is said 'it is not Good to be alone'. Yes. There is space in God’s family alright. There is space between you and me. But space exists so God would not be alone. Space exists so God could experience Companionship otherwise known as Love. Without space, God could not experience Companionship. Without space, God could not experience Love. Space exists so God could experience Companionship aka Love. Companionship aka Love is what God desires. It is this why it is said that God is Love. Whenever we get lost, which we all do, we must simply allow ourselves some time to reflect on the purpose of our own beingness which is in essence God’s purpose. The purpose of otherness is not so God could oppose itself; the purpose of otherness is so God could experience Togetherness, Companionship, Friendship, Love. It is this why it is said that God is Love. Love is the purpose of Life so Love, simply Love. The key to resolving family conflict is by understanding otherness exists for togetherness; that diversity does not imply division and that the meaning of Life is Love. Very true, truly simple.
~ Wald