You are Deathless, Eternal and The Divine.

Death does not exist for the concept of death relies on the fallacy of division. Humankind will soon discover there is no such thing as division. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. Once it is realized that there is no division it will be automatically understood that there cannot be death for death can only exist if there is division. As such Humankind will realize that there is indeed only diversity. After it is realized that there is only diversity it will be understood that even diversity is a perception. Humankind will then understand that the purpose for the perception of diversity exists not to be alone, to experience Companionship, to experience Love. It will then be understood that Humankind is indeed God and that God is undivided but perceives itself as Life diversified this for the purpose not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. So it is. God perceives itself as diversified but knows no division. That which is God is Life. Life is God experiencing itself as Life diversified for Love. There is no death for there is only God.
~ Wald