There is NO Division (in God); as such there is NO Death.

Division debunked; there is no death. There really is no such thing as death. The concept of death relies on the illusion of separation also known as the fallacy of division. Division is an erroneous construct of modern man detached from the reality of its own undivided Godly nature. There never was, is, nor ever will be division. Division is a non-event. Division is a delusion created by the mind of man who has sought to separate itself from God, from its true undivided Self for there is only Oneself which is God. Division is the greatest trick modern man ever pulled on itself! It will soon be understood that the concept of division is on very shaky grounds and ready to tumble. Division is as real as a mirage in the desert. There where otherness is perceived is but Self perceiving otherness not to be alone in the current! Humankind must know there is no division and as such there is no death. Death can only exist when humankind perceives itself as separate, as divided from its true Self which indeed is God. When it is understood that division does not exist, Humankind will understand it is Deathless and Eternal. Humankind will then automatically understand that the perception of diversity is but itself perceiving itself as diverse not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. Humankind now understands it indeed is Pure Spirit also known as The Holy Spirit and that it itself is The Holy Spirit perceiving itself in the current for the very purpose of Love. As such is the promise of the Golden Age of Truth known as the Satya Yuga and the Age of Aquarius. It will be the end of the Age of Darkness and such ridiculous concepts of Dark Energy and Dark Matter based on Parrot like concepts which have been repeated for centuries. The Age of remembrance is upon us. Self will remember it is One without a second. Self will remember it is Undivided. Self will remember it is The Eternal One. In conclusion: Truth is One, One is Self! There is no death. The meaning of it all is Love, to experience Companionship, not to be alone. All that is here is God. All that is here is .
~ Wald Wassermann