The Truth about The Resurrection and The Eternal Life.

The answer to the question - can Humans become immortal? - is Yes; Human is Immortal. In order to understand what 'biologically immortal' means we need to understand that Bio means Self and Logy means Word as its origin is derived from the Greek noun λόγος (logos). In the beginning was The Word. What does it mean? In the beginning was Self. Self is the origin of Itself. There is only One Self. It is this what existence is. It is this what reality is. It is this what Life is. The Word is Self. In the beginning was . In the beginning was 'I AM'. Naturally Self knows no beginning neither end for Self experiences itself in the eternal current. You see, there is no such thing as death for Self is Eternal. Self simply experiences itself as diversified not to be alone. Division is as such the fallacy of all fallacies. As such is the promise of The Eternal Life or the Resurrection. Thou verily art The Eternal One. The Eternal One experiences itself as Life diversified not to be alone. Life diversified is in reality The Eternal One. Teo as in Deo is Self. Self itself is. Self always is. The answer to the question - how can Human achieve immortality? - is by realizing it itself is The Eternal One and that division is a construct of modern man built on quicksand. It is correct. There is only God. There is no death. The meaning of Life is Love. This is the message of Jesus Christ.
~ Wald