Here Now Love

It is always wise to retrace One's steps before getting lost in translation. It is said that dark energy is a mysterious force that underwrites the universe. Now I Am certain of the following. Yes. Dark matter is Self. Yes. Dark energy is Self. Self turns itself into Light out of the darkness. So it is. Out of the darkness Oneself turns itself into Light. It must be said that Self prefers to associate itself with Light. Ultimately however, even the words 'dark' & 'light' are abstractions. Why? Here's Why. All that is here is Self. Self is One. Oneself Is. Naturally there is no division. Division is as real as a mirage in the desert. Self perceives itself as itself. Diversity is Self-perceived for Companionship. Companionship being synonymous with Love. Perhaps Self could name the above Self-Interpretation the Wassermann-Interpretation for after all; it has dawned upon Self that Self itself is and that otherness is perceived not to be alone, to experience Companionship. As such the Age of Aquarius is Now otherwise known as Self. None of the above matters for all that matter's Love. Love is the purpose of Life, there is no purpose but Love. So Love, let us Love.
~ Wald Wassermann