The Promise of the Resurrection.

At this time, I will call The Eternal Life 'God' for a better understanding. It is correct to note that there is only God. God (Always) Is. As to The Eternal Life. Yes. It is true. There is in truth nothing but The Eternal Life. As such there is nothing to worry about. There is a lot of fear among Human-kind about death. But this fear is unjust for it is caused by not knowing (forgetfulness) that Human is not Human but God. In other words; fear is caused by seeing yourself as separate from God this although there is never any separation or division. Division does not exist. It is this why it is said that there is no division in God. It is correct. God is undivided but perceives itself as Life diversified, as Man and as Woman, not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. That which is Man and Woman, that which is Life diversified, is God. There is no death in God. There should thus be no concern for that which is Life is The Eternal Life. Life Temporal is in truth The Eternal Life. Life is pure spirit. Life diversified is God experiencing itself as itself. God is Spirit. Spirit is deathless. Death does not exist in The Body of God. The Body of God is Existence, Reality, Life. The following will lead to a better understanding. During deep sleep we return to God. We is not we, we is God. What it means is that the spirit body (physic-body) returns to God during deep sleep to recharge. So it goes with death. Death is an abstraction. How could God/Spirit die after all? The very notion is absurd. The promise of the Resurrection stands eternal for the spirit body is not physical but God experiencing itself as many separate out-pulses for a lack of a better word. These out-pulses are Life. The origin of Life is Bio-Logy. Bio is Deo and Logo is Love. Gloria In Excelsis Deo. To those who claim the origin of Life is RNA or DNA, I say See you later Alligator for DNA is Deus Non Alligator. In other words; Life is an out-pulse and Death is an in-pulse. That which pulses is God. How many out-pulses are there? ∞. There are innumerable outpulses (including but not limited to Life) happening instantaneously which results in reality. Reality is (the embodiment of) God. At any time, there is only God. God always is (One without a second). There never is any death for Thou Art The Eternal One. All is always G-d. All this for Love!
~ Wald