The Perception of Time Exists for Love.

Forget about string theory and loop quantum gravity. All abstractions! There are no strings, there are no parts, there is only Self desiring Love (Companionship) which results in Self desiring to perceive time. It would be correct to state that time is Self-engineered for there is only Self. Self itself is. Self always is. The perception of time exists for Love. Physical reality is Self experiencing itself as Life diversified not to feel alone, for Companionship, for Friendship, To Love and Be Loved. Such is the truth. In other words: The apparent existence of time exists not to feel alone, to experience Companionship, to experience Love. Love can only be experienced through the perception of time. Time exists so Self would not feel alone. Aloneness aka loneliness is the cause and Companionship aka Love is the purpose. Self perceives time not to feel alone. Self perceives time for Companionship. Self perceives time to Love and Be Loved in return. All that is here is Self desiring Love. The purpose of time is Love. Love is the reason why time exists. Love is the reason why Self perceives time. Time may be an illusion but rest assured that the illusion exists for the very purpose not to feel alone; to experience Love. All of the above is completely irrelevant. Why? All that matters is Love. Love, Sweet Love. All this for Love! If the above is not understood, the word 'Self' may be replaced with 'One', 'I', 'God', 'Allah', 'Brahman', 'The Tao', et al until it is understood that it's all G-d and that the meaning- and purpose of Life is Love, Sweet Love. As such the following statement is equally correct. God perceives time not to feel alone. God perceives time for Companionship. God perceives time to Love and Be Loved in return. All that is here is God desiring Love. Love is the only purpose. There is no other purpose but Love.
~ Wald