The Origin of the Universe is ॐ.

. Yes. In the beginning was . eternal. deathless. beyond time. It is as such only partially correct to note that in the beginning was the word for in the beginning was Self (I) and Self perceives time not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. That which is Life diversified is Self desiring Love. So it is. Life is Self. Self desires Companionship aka Love. The origin of Life is Self desiring Love. Self itself is. Self always is. Self is the origin of itself. Very simple. So it goes for the origin of the Universe. The origin of the Universe is . The Universe is not the Universe but Self perceiving itself as itself out of the desire to experience Togetherness. Togetherness Self experiences through Self perceiving itself as Otherness. All otherness is indeed Self. Self desires Companionship which results in Self perceiving its very own Self as variegated, as diverse, as plural, for Love! Love is the meaning of Life for Life is not Life but Self desiring Love.
~ Wald