Promise of Eternal Life.

At times of crisis it is very important to remember that that which thou art is in truth not the individual but God experiencing itself as the individual, as Life, not to be alone. There is in truth no such thing as death for thou art not the physical body but God perceiving itself as the physical body, as Life, this for the purpose not to feel alone, to experience Love. Love is the purpose of Life for Life is not Life but God experience itself as Life for Love. False association with the body-mind complex alone (exclusively) teaches us that we exist as somehow separate from the whole this although it is the whole which perceives itself as separate not to feel alone. The whole is God. Separation does not exist in reality for that which we are is The Eternal One aka The Eternal Life experiencing itself as Life temporal. Life temporal is in reality The Eternal Life. The Eternal Life is in reality Self. So it is. Self is undivided but perceives itself as Life diversified not to feel alone. Life is Self experiencing itself as Life not to feel alone, for Love. If the word 'Self' is not understood it may be replaced with 'God'. The statement that 'there is only God' is equally correct. There is only God perceiving itself as Life temporal to Love and Be Loved in return. That which thou truly are is The Eternal Life. Have thus no fear for your true Self is deathless, eternal and beyond time.
~ Wald