Paradise Never Lost

Any problem Humankind experiences stems from forgetfulness. Humankind 'is' God. Humankind 'is' One. Humankind 'is' Self. All that is here is Self. Self (Itself) Is. Self (Itself) Always Is. The error Humankind makes is mistaking Diversity for Division. Division does not exist. Kill Division. It is what is the cause of all problems. Remember You, Humankind, are but Oneself! Oneself experiences itself as itself. There are no Others. Otherness is Self perceiving Otherness not to be alone. The purpose NOT to divide. The purpose NOT to fight. The purpose Companionship. Remember you are not plural but One perceiving itself as plural for the purpose not to be alOne. Rise up. Remember. Awake from your slumber.
~ Wald