More Bang for Your Coconuts.

It was once said that the Big Bang is not Self-existent. Now I Am certain that 'That' which reads this text and that 'That' which writes this text is Self. Self Self-Exists. In other words. Existence is Self experiencing itself as itself.  The point is that Self itself 'is' and that any variegation is Self perceiving itself as variegated not to feel alone. The cause of the universe is Self desiring Companionship. Naturally the universe is not the universe. The universe is Self. Self names itself the universe, the big bang, et al. One was unaware then became aware of its alOneness and desired Otherness to experience Togetherness. One is not external; One is Self. Also; I say 'was' this although there was no time. Time is Self-perceived to experience Togetherness. Self grew as large as it is right now, Earth. Earth is Self otherwise known as I AM. At the risk of sounding like a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal; all that matter's is Love. Love is why Self is. More importantly. There is no division. Division is Self perceiving itself as diverse for Companionship aka Love. In conclusion. The origin of the Big Bang is Self not wanting to be by itSelf. As such: Love.
~ Wald Wassermann