DNA is Deus Non Alligator.

Before I state the following it must be understood I is impartial to any religion for I is all inclusive. I=Love. Very simple. Very true. However. I was raised as a Christian. As such the following statement is made. 'There is no death in The Body of Christ. Christ is God. God is Spirit'. What it means is that Thou Art The Eternal Life. Life is Spirit. This is the message of Christ. This is the promise of The Eternal Life. This is the promise of The Resurrection. Thou Art The Holy Spirit. The answer to the question - what is the meaning of the word DNA? - is Deus Non Alligator (God is not bound, God is Spirit). As such; DNA is God. So it goes for RNA and all names and numbers. There is only God. God is. None of the above matters. What matters is Love. Love is the meaning and purpose of Life, there is no other purpose but Love. Bless you, you are blessed! To end with the words of Bob Marley: Could you be Love and be Loved? Yes! Don't let them fool ya.
~ Wald