Division is a Sensory Illusion that Serves the Purpose of Companionship Alone.

Love one another, there is no other, truth is Oneself, Oneself itself is. There where plurality is perceived is only Oneself desiring not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause for the perception of otherness. Otherness is in truth but Oneself perceiving itself as otherness for companionship. All that is here is Oneself. Oneself is the only thing here. All this for Love; not to be alone. There is nothing to fight neither anything to fear for all that is here is Oneself desiring Love. There is no division. Division does not exist. Division is self-illusioned not to be alone, i.e., division is a sensory illusion that serves but one purpose: the purpose is to be able to experience Companionship. Companionship is a synonym for Friendship, Togetherness, Warmth, yes, Love. All this for Love; not to feel alone! There are no others, there is only Oneself desiring Love.

~ Wald