Time Exists to Experience Love.

Asking what came before the big bang is akin to I asking who is I. There is nothing more absurd. Why? Self itself is.  The answer to the question - what was before the big bang? - is Self (ॐ). Self was before the big bang? Yes although there is no before because time 'is' Self perceiving time not to be alone, to experience Companionship. So it is. Time exists for Love. There is only Self experiencing itself in the current. Self was there in the beginning except that Self knows no beginning for Self always is. Self experiences itself. Self perceives itself. Self happens itself. Self simply experiences itself as itself but perceives itself as diversified not to be alone. The big badda bang is an abstraction. Le Petit Mort is Le Grand Mort and Le Grand Mort is La Vie Eternelle aka Self experiencing itself as itself but perceiving itself as diversified not to be alone! That which humankind calls space, time, energy and matter, consciousness, awareness, the big bang, the universe, the earth, life is Self. Self calls itself words and numbers. Words and numbers are Self. Sat is Self realizing it is One. Sat is Self realizing it is One without a second. It is this what it means with the Satyug. Truth is Self itself. Sat is . Yes. I Is. All that is here is Self. Self perceives itself as variegated not to be alone, to experience Companionship. Companionship equates to Togetherness. Togetherness can only be perceived by Self perceiving Otherness. Otherness is Self perceiving Otherness to experience Togetherness. Togetherness equates to Love. As such the following truth is eternal: Love one another, there is no other, truth is Self, Self Itself Is. Love is the purpose, there is no purpose but Love! The only equation of any importance is 'I=Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann