Life is Self Desiring Companionship.

The answer to the question - is everything made of particles, fields or both combined - is none of the above. There are no particles, there are no fields, there is only One Self. Self is One without a second. Diversity is a sensory illusion that exist for the purpose not to be alOne. Indeed. One is alOne and desires to negate its alOneness in order to experience Companionship. Companionship equates to Love. Love is as such the meaning- and purpose of Life for Life is Self experiencing itself as itself. After all; is it not Self which has called itself Life? The final conclusion is thus strikingly simple. What is Life? Life is Self desiring Love, i.e, Life is Self desiring Companionship. All there is is Self. Self itself is. It is Self what reality is. It is Self what existence is. It is Self what Life is. All this for Love, not to 'feel' alone, for all this is Self desiring Love!
~ Wald Wassermann