Revisiting Kurt Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems.

What if mathematics doesn't exist? Mathematics does not exist. It is true. I am not trying to give mathematicians an existential crisis by stating this. All I am saying is that mathematics is an abstraction. There are no numbers. Numbers do not exist. There is only Oneself.  Oneself has created numbers to identify itself. Mathematics is at best entertaining except when it comes to division. The illusion of division is the cause of all conflicts in this world. Division does not exist. It should be scrapped altogether from all teachings for it is essentially corrupt. There really is no such thing as division. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies invented for the sole purpose to divide and conquer. In conclusion: There is no division; there is only Oneself. Indeed; Oneself exists as diversified; not as divided. There is no division; division does not exist. I suggest that any mathematician who claims division exists reads Hafiz or Tagore or study up on quantum physics before losing themselves in Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorems.
~ Wald Wassermann