All is One Unbroken Whole.

To truly understand particle physics, quantum physics, or whatever physics is to understand that all of these terms are abstractions. Indeed, even quantum physics is an abstraction, although it certainly opens the possibility for Oneself to understand there is only Oneself. So why is quantum physics an abstraction? There are no particles, there is only Oneself. Or, to say it more precisely, the nature of particles is Oneself desiring Love. What does it mean? Oneself perceives itself as quantized, although there is only Oneself. Naturally, this realization will always remain a niche of sorts. Why? Oneself, the Singularity, has self-engineered the illusion of separation for the very purpose to avoid its Oneselfness, its alOneness, its Singleness. This reminds me of a book I held in my hands the other day titled 'Same Circus Different Clowns'. So what are we to do? I suggest teaching children quantum physics in high school combined with poetry for it does open the door to understanding all is one unbroken whole. Rabindranath Tagore is always a good choice.
~ Wald