There is only One Self seeking Love. Es gibt nur Einselbst.

There where Oneself perceives others is but Oneself. There is nothing but Oneself, i.e., there is nothing but I. The illusion of separation exists not so that each manifestation of the whole can experience its individuality and work on its own challenges. Instead, the illusion of separation exists so that the whole can experience itself through its manifestations. The whole is Oneself. There are not many selves; there is only Oneself experiencing itself. But why? Oneself seeks to love and be loved. Love is the purpose of life, and loneliness is the cause. The above is perhaps completely irrelevant, were it not for the fact that it helps us to understand that there where we see others is nothing but ourselves seeking precisely what we seek; Love, warmth, togetherness. The concept of war is beyond absurd. There's nothing to fight after all. There is only One Self seeking Love. Oneself is commonly known as God. Es gibt nur Einselbst. Perhaps Oneself may name itself 'the Einselbst interpretation' after the original von Neumann–Wigner interpretation postulated by John von Neumann and Eugene Wigner. Then again, Oneself may simply call itself Love for Oneself underwrites itself out of Love. Perhaps a simple equation such as "I:LOVE" would be advisable since it encapsulates Einstein's "E=mc2".
~ Wald Wassermann