There is but One Self Love; there is but One Self!

I never was good at accepting wars or conflicts in this world. Perhaps it is because I grew up around constant anxiety, multiple acts of terrorism (CCC, The Brabant killers, 9/11, et al), and other absurd acts of unnecessary suffering. We all do; correct? Nothing special here. People are quite something indeed. So I started thinking. Something is not right. There is something wrong with this picture. I was told this is part of life. I refused to accept that. So I meditated and meditated my brains out. It's slowly tickling in alright. There is only Oneself seeking companionship! Oneself cannot be outside itself, there is only Oneself. Yes, by all means, God. There is only God seeking companionship! God cannot be outside itself, there is only God. God is indeed Oneself without a second! My Goodness. I'll just keep writing whatever comes to me.
~ Wald Wassermann