Love your neighbor as yourSelf for there is but Oneself.

It almost seems certain to me that there an error in the bible caused by wrongly translating the original Aramaic language of Jesus into Greek, consequently into Latin and consequently into English which brings up the parable of the Tower of Babel meaning ‘Lost in Translation’.  I am unable to translate the entire bible but let me give you the example of John 11:25 and I quote “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die”. Unfortunately, Jesus never said that. I repeat; he never said that! Jesus said the following in Aramaic which makes a world of difference: "It is I, I is" while pointing to his heart which was later interpreted as  “I is the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in I will live, even though they will die.” There is no “being” verb as in “I Am” in Aramaic. There is only “I is” as in “I is I”. The I is אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה. What does it mean? It means the following. There is but Oneself. I is Oneself. One indivisible Self! Oneself is The Eternal Life. I is the Eternal Life. The Eternal One is Oneself without Division.  Now I want you to go back and re-read the passage of “Love your neighbor as yourself” for what it really means is “Love your neighbor as your Self for there is but Oneself”. The greatest commandment is Love for there is but Oneself! Love, Love, Love!
~ Wald Wassermann