Love is rightfully so the greatest commandment.

Sure, consciousness is but One. So then what is consciousness? Is it not Oneself? Of course it is. Very simple. But then many philosophers, scientists and yes, even professors — some of them very highly regarded including but not limited to Nick Bostrom who is a Professor at the University of Oxford no less / talk about existential risk / my Goodness indeed / talk about existential risk / what's wrong with these people leading our children astray rather than to unity and love — get it wrong. They conclude reality is not real; that it is an illusion or simulation of the sort. How could it not be real? Reality is Oneself. How could Oneself not be real? There is but Oneself! You see; that's the problem with people who seek to intellectualize everything with the mind. I call them the Moom's: the Mind-Only-Occupied-Men. Existence is a matter of the heart. It is simple: Oneself upholds itself and boy oh boy let me tell you that Love is rightly so the first and greatest commandment.
~ Wald Wassermann