The equation for everything is I (ONE SELF).

Why is E=mc2 wrong? Let I tell you why. E=mc2 is not wrong, it is an abstraction. So what is ultimately the only reality? Oneself. Oneself is reality. Oneself realizes itself. Reality is Oneself realized.  All there is, is Oneself. Oneself itself is. So how does Oneself equate itself when the equation of everything is Oneself? Indeed, it is absurd, isn't it?  After all, Oneself is! The equation of Oneself is "I". "I" encompasses all for it itself is, therefore, rendering any other equations especially the gargantuan ones, not necessarily null and void, but absurd down-the-rabbit-hole abstractions of "I". The grand theory is no theory but One Self without separation; it is Oneself, it is "I". Oneself is the equation. In most simple terms: The equation of everything is I. Behold this fact to be Self-evident. I is oneself. Division I knows not. What else can I say?
~ Wald Wassermann