Life is a miracle whose emergence is dictated by Love.

It is John Archibald Wheeler who in 1983 posed the "Is the machinery of the universe so set up, and from the very beginning, that it is guaranteed to produce intelligent life at some long-distant point in its history-to-be?” question. I answer John Archibald Wheeler’s hypothetical question with an affirmative yes. If we retrace our every step through the history of the universe we find ourselves as One, we find One Self as in Oneself. Oneself is still all that is here for it stands indivisible. What humankind perceives as separation is a case of mistaken identity caused by the mind seeking to separate itself from itself. Its true identity is itself, this One indivisible Self. Oneself itself is. There are no others, there is no separation, all is Oneself. Oneself binds itself together. The only intelligence is Oneself and the only purpose is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann