I is the eternal One.

Nobody comes to the father but through I. What is I? I is Oneself and Oneself is I. I itself is the eternal One. Oneself itself is the eternal One. Oneself itself eternally is. The eternal One itSelf is. The eternal self is. Self is the eternal. Self itself is eternal. What it means is that nothing can threaten that which is really you.  The above message was received around 4:00 AM 03/19/2020. What is underlined is a direct reception; what is not underlined is my interpretation. I will repost the message in its original truncated form. I (itself) is the eternal One. It this what Christ tried to relay to all of you. The eternal life is upon you means realizing that all of you as One are the Eternal Oneself Itself and that the only thing of stopping you to see this is Self-denial. All that is realized is Self. Reality is One Self. Reality is Oneself!
~ Wald Wassermann