Consciousness is Oneself without Division.

The future of humanity is peace. On world order and the end of conflicts/war; it should be noted that all is One; One as in Oneself; Oneself Itself Is (All is G-d). All there is is consciousness. Consciousness is one without a second. Consciousness is Oneself. Oneself perceives itself as plurality. Plurality is in reality Oneself perceiving itself as plurality with the sole purpose being Love, Warmth and Togetherness. Unbelievable indeed but correct. This does not mean that plurality does not exist; it only means that plurality is in reality Oneself (as in one undivided self) and that any perceived separation is illusory. Global conflicts are caused by ignorance, or, willful blindness (neither ought to be tolerated in the understanding that you cannot fight yourself). There never was, is, nor never will be an opposing party; all there ever was was ignorance; ignorance of being Oneself. All there is is Oneself (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh) or (अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि, Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi). I suggest to have the above ratified by all members of the UN and to have it signed by the leadership of all member states. I (Oneself without division) hereby declare any future world conflicts null and void, and there is great meaning in these words null and void for it is I, Oneself, before I, Oneself manifested itself/came into being (otherwise known as 000 Ayin - Nothing; אין). Thank you and G-dspeed.
~ Wald Wassermann