Love: The Foundation of Every Successful Relationship incl. Marriage.

The mind creates stories. Stories that entertain. Stories are for entertainment only; not to cause anguish. When stories cause anguish instead of entertainment, it is time to become still. Stillness allows for contemplation. Contemplation to rediscover one's foundation. The rediscovery of the foundation which allows stories to be created in the first place. It is not this matter called 'the mind' but Love. The mind leads the heart astray. One must, therefore, always return to the heart of the matter which is Love. Love is the foundation; the foundation of every relation. This relation we call man or woman and the relationship between them we call marriage. Thus always come back to being Love... for anything else is just a story. Love-realization, or, the realization of being Love itself, is the single-most-important strategy to solve most relationship problems including those between husband and wife in a marriage. Always return to Love... always return to Love... for anything else is a story.
~ Wald