Consciousness is all there is; there is no unconsciousness.

Consciousness is all there is; there is no unconsciousness. There is only matter that is unconscious of being consciousness itself. The answer to the question as to what consciousness is is (self) love. Self love is the need to love and be loved that gave- and continues to give birth to its manifest self; it is in reality one without a second. We could thus state that consciousness is the need for warmth and togetherness that drives it to experience itself in its manifest form — Life. The purpose experiences itself, or, the experience (Life) is itself the purpose (Love) and therefore the absolute pinnacle of its own creation.  Feel free to replace the word 'consciousness' with 'God' for consciousness 'is' God (one and the same). It is just that I call it Love for God 'is' Love. Perhaps the only question that remains is 'why did we give birth to ourselves?'; one word... loneliness. Baby, it really is cold outside. Life is all about warmth and togetherness. Let us therefore recognize who we are so that we can continue to meet each other in our shared mutual purpose; Love. It really is all there is. It is all we need indeed.
~ Wald