Woman Love Your Man, Man Love Your Woman.

God (Our Father) Births Earth (Our Mother); Earth (Our Mother) Holds God (Our Father).  "2 = 1 = 0" meaning the following. 2 = Our Father + Mother Earth. 1 = One Loving Unity; Lover (Our Father) and Beloved (Our Mother) rest as equals in each other's laps. 0 = ◯ = Earth aka the Nature of Reality; Existence. Existence is the sum of its two parts: God (Unmanifest), Our Father, and Earth (Manifest), Our Mother, — they are 'Lovers', they exist as One, One Unity in Loving Communion. Without Love for each other; there is no existence! Yin and Yang sweethearts; it is very simple. If you understand the above; you simply must Love! Woman Stand By Your Man, Man Stand By Your Woman.
Love is the only reality. Anything not Love is illusory.
~ Wald Wassermann