Reality is where Love makes landfall: Earth is the Most Real

We are Heaven sent to realize Heaven on Earth. In actuality; 'Heaven is Earth.' Earth is Heaven's physical manifestation. Reality is where Love makes landfall. It is our observable universe, Earth and all that it entails. Earth is the most real for it is where life happens. Life is the ultimate expression of this all-encompassing indescribable energy that I call Love. We can only 'feel' it as Love but cannot describe it with words. However, we, humankind and all of nature's kind, is 'that' - the highest form of Love. The Garden of Eden is none other than Earth itself. Don't look for it anywhere else because we have arrived. We have manifested. Earth is it. In reality, the synonym for Love is Earth. We must allow ourselves to wake up, us sleepers, so we can rise from the illusory dream of separation and see all-of-it in its totality, so we can find that Love is shining right upon us, indeed, looking right at us, and even more so; realizing that we are Love itself for we are One self-sustaining unity. We are Creator, and we are Creation; one-and-the-same. Let us recognize the world is the most beautiful reality we could ever imagine. For make no doubt; we all partake in its Creation. We collectively realize our reality. For here, it is. So let us listen to our hearts for the heart guides the way. Not understanding we are Love itself would be the ultimate illusion. For make no mistake about it, the leading cause for all conflicts in the world stems from this state of unconsciousness. All disputes can be resolved through self-realization: realizing that we, as well as everyone else, is Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann