What is Love? It is Life. Here's Why:

Love is You. It is all of us without exception. Life is the ultimate expression of Love. Love manifests itself as Life. We are this Love. We really are. We are Love that is experiencing itself as Life. And with Love I do mean that we are sparks of 'the most high' that humanity has named 'God IS Love'. We not only are the expression of that Love; we collectively are this one Love itself without realizing it. We see ourselves as humans but this is just terminology; a label the label-maker created for itself for lack of a better understanding. It seems to me that humankind is becoming conscious of our true essence which is none other than Love itself. So Yes. Life is the highest expression of Love. We are it. Love is what we are. This is why Love is what we need. We are 'self-experiencing ourselves'. We are Love experiencing life. Love is Life and Life is Love. One!
~ Wald Wassermann