Live YOUR Life | Stay Your Course for it's Uniquely Yours

Don't let anything or anyone define you for you are ultimately the only one in charge of your life's definition. Don't get sidetracked by views expressed by others. Because for every opinion, there's another opinion that states the exact opposite. Yes, even the message of this very text you are reading; it's debatable. You didn't write it. It's never going to be 100% who you are. Nothing will be. So dare to stand up. Dare to think critically about anything you read or hear. Everything is relative. Take out the bits that work for you and discard those that don't fit with the essence of your inner being. Be gentle with yourself. Learning comes natural. Take your time. Add your aspect. Recalibrate when needed. Always remember that you have the exclusive rights as the creator of your perspective of life, nobody else. Stay your course, it's uniquely yours. Godspeed.
~ Wald Wassermann