Resolve Arguments and Relationship Problems 'Before' They Happen

Read this one sentence for it is all you will ever need: 'Listen to Love before you Reason for Love is the Reason of Life'. Perhaps we could solve all arguments and conflicts before they even happen if we would understand this simple truth. Love is the reason of life for it is love that gives birth to all life. We were not only born out of our parents but out of this amazing unconditional universal energy of love that permeates our universe and our loving earth. We must therefore listen to love before we reason for love is the reason. For love is the way. The reason of life. It simply is love. The meaning simply is that love gives birth to life as it is the life-giving source of energy that creates- and sustains us all without exception. If we can accept that love is ultimately this one true fact that connects us all (as it is all-inclusive), we will find that all relationship problems and conflicts in this world are perhaps completely irrelevant for we are all one. One from- and in the same source. If we understand this simple truth, we can solve arguments in our relationships before they happen. If we can only keep in mind that love is ultimately all that matters for love is truly all. So let's set our intentions to become one with the source that underwrites our lives. Please cherish yourself. Love, accept or at least tolerate one another. Go your own way if needed. But always walk in Love for you are Love. You really are.  Thank you. I love you.
~ Wald Wassermann