God is at the Center of Earth.

God is at the center of Earth. Earth is the center of our Universe. This was one of the messages that came in while meditating. I was then given the name Zircon and Planet Zirconia. Earth is Planet Zircon? Perhaps. I never understood it. I was given other messages as well (many of Earth in distress). I was told I was acting schizophrenic. So quiet I kept. But the message that the center of Earth was the center of the Universe was repeated multiple times. This is why I wrote the poem titled 'Love: The Center of the Universe' which describes that the center of the Earth is the center of the Universe; it is where it all started. I believe this explains Pangaea. Pangaea was in its early stages, perhaps just a crystal-like speck that grew and grew and grew. Yes. 'The Earth is expanding.' It will continue to expand. If Earth (and all of it) is God, then perhaps we should treat it as such; no?
~ Wald