Convergence: The Golden Ratio of Loving Thoughts

It's all about convergence. Our reality is a delayed infinity mirror of (collective) thoughts. When the currents of loving thoughts converge into one, all instantly; 'ONE', the real current, this moment is time, all is one in the present (in/of/by); LOVE. When the ratio of our loving thoughts comes closer to one, all naturally converges into (0^0). You are the butterfly. Spread your wings. You are the drop. Rippling a thousands seas. Think loving thoughts, stay in the positive energy of your loving presence, stay close to the loving light as it is positively love that gives rise to the life of all. Light illuminates even the darkest hour of the night. Out of many, the golden; One! All-ways forward guided by the loving signals of the source of One.
~ Wald Wassermann (Receiver)