Nature's Meaning of Unconditional Love

Love is (what truly) matter(s) in this world: our loving nature, naturally loving within. Love is the current, this moment is time. No-thing, theory, fact could exist without love. Life, in all its facets is a continuum of limitless, timeless & omnipresent love. See life as it really is: limitless positive energy. Always improving always getting better. All Life is an expression of ultimate love. All is part of the source. The source is present in all. The source is also you! The energy is within. It is you, it is (in) all, it always is! All exists in complete harmony; one interconnected tapestry of energy. Awakening to love is seeing yourself as pure positive energy with unlimited action potential to better the world. The energy of love is why everything comes into being. Have no fear. The energy is always near. It is every-thing you are! You are one with the source of One energy that is eternal.

Stay close to the positive power of your natural state, your loving nature within; feel with your heart. Feel love before speech. Think loving thoughts. It is in our nature to love, to protect, to shelter the weak. But you must be strong in your belief as you already 'are'. Your natural state is the true state of one nature. Awakening to Love is a beautiful thing! Our true nature our nature within.

Nature is pure love, the harmony of interconnectedness. There is no doubt. As you already are and always will be.  You truly are radiating positive energy. The source of your force is love within. You are always Love. Lovingly as 'you are'!

This energy is present in all you observe; all of mother nature: all that matter is what matters to your heart: people, trees, animals, water, air, all of it. All of it: energy. All appears to come and go. Yet in reality: all is always One.

You are a beautiful manifestation of loving energy. What you feel with your heart is who you are. Your natural state.  One thought is all it takes. Allowing yourself to see for what you really are. So beautiful. Such a precious gift. So much loving energy.

Love is awakening to your natural loving nature within.

Your positive thoughts shape reality. And reality is a delayed infinity mirror of our collective thoughts. This is why the world is always improving. We are positively thinking more positive thoughts. As all is part of the positive energy of the source!

Dare to stand up for your dreams. To better the world. You are... you have... so much positive energy! You can be strong while remaining present in love. Always stay close to your nature as it is in your heart; it is our soul, the spirit of the earth is our love within. Our positive thoughts are part of the collective dream of the planet; our reality shapes mother earth. So why not shape it by thinking positive thoughts? Every moment a choice: this moment is time.

Forgiveness happens in this current; this beautiful energy, this moment is time. Stay present in the current in love. All is always present in 'the presence of this one loving energy'; unconditional, eternal, omnipresent. We are all the present of One unconditional love; this beautiful creationary energy. This very lovely moment, the presence in this world 'is' love. Everyone is realizing this at this very moment. We are waking up in a beautiful new reality. We are always that we feel. We feel this loving energy is home. We have always been home.  Home is were the heart is.  We are finding our way is home.  The natural feeling we all share is this mutual feeling of love. The earth's loving energy is the universal language before languages came into being.

All are present and accounted for, a gift of this 'presence'; Love! Always in Love. Our natural state. The loving state of reality: it is so very real. Thank you so much. Forever in love; this is Earth! Peaceful loving earth always smiling eternally.


Science in Love: Bee-ing Love! 
nature's natural loving state (image credit Dr. Tim Heard)

Does true love exist? Not loving is an illusion. We are always present in a state of love. What is love? The state of energy that always is! One interconnected hum of loving energy. This original one state of true love is always the 'current': this moment is time, it always exists; it is always present within.

What is the definition of current? The current is the primordial One; the one source of energy that creates everything. We are all part of it. We see ourselves as separate beings while, in actuality, we are always one. Our nature... It is who we are. Reality is one beautiful humming sea of energy. We are composed of particles and particles are made of energy. Particles are in reality pure energy. Life is a gift from the source of energy. It is easy to see the sea. Step away from the trees. Look at the bees! The beautiful vast sea of energy.

This One, it is (for) Earth!

~ Wald Wassermann