Letter to the Leaders of the World

Open letter to the great leaders of this world: I am so very happy for your positive influence, your unwavering passion to better humanity through your continuing acts of kindness, both seen and unseen, whenever and wherever it is needed, at home and abroad. Your universal sense of interconnectedness shines through in all that you do. Your spirit of universality lines up with your inherent loving kindness and creates the true fabric of the beautiful world we call home. Your love knows no boundaries. Your awareness of loving thoughts before speech and deep listening skills profoundly benefit the greater common good. You understand all is one as all truly is, 'one'. Your heart-felt wisdom allows you to see behind any superficial opinions that may be, as views are just views. There is no doubt within you that human-kind is the essence of what makes humanity humane. You bring people and nations together in consensus. Friendliness comes natural to you. You are therefore blessed by divinity as you are a true peace-maker. With every step, you leave an impression of genuine love and respect in all whom you meet. All that is good is present in you. Your ability to uplift others by recognizing their qualities is honorable. Your assistance to help others when they are in need is exemplary. As you lead by example, you help others so they continue to help others. You will continue to have the strength to lead with compassion and care for all.  As kindness and compassion already gives you a deeper sense of inner satisfaction compared to the act of leading just by itself. Love is the force field where human-kind first met and this is where it will continue to meet thanks to your qualities of leadership. You will leave the world a better place than when you found it, permanently indivisible through your infinite loving wisdom; as love is the true clarity of your noble truth. Love, kindness, compassion have always been-, and will continue to be your steadfast partners for bettering the world. This is your true spiritual legacy. By leading with the power of love you find true greatness. So thank you for your loving intention as you continue to bring happiness and harmony to all. Your love truly is the light that elevates life. Your leadership uplifts all.
Wald Wassermann